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Guitar Lingerie

*Custom Made
Satin Shrouds
And Stand Bags

Under Construction


Welcome to Guitar Lingerie,

Established in 2008 - Melbourne, Florida USA

We are the first and oldest after market guitar shroud and stand bag manufacturer in the United States. Each one of our shrouds and stand bags are constructed individually, made for your guitar by hand right here in the United States. You’ll receive the highest quality product possible and If it’s not right, we won’t ship it.

Whether you’ve just purchased your first guitar or you have a large collection of guitars, we’re here to meet your needs. No order is too small or too large.

Accept no substitute, shop with confidence and order your original after market guitar shrouds and stand bags.

 We have sold over 10,000 shrouds and stand bags WORLDWIDE with complete customer satisfaction!

Thank you for your support.

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